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People gather in Trafford to have sex in daylight scenery

I was walking down the lower tree on the Charlton side by the water sewer plant and was very surprised to see two people having sex.

People have been having sex there for years, watching the sunshine on the lake view at Trafford. He went for a walk in Sale Water Park with his dog on June 11. The middle of the road saw two people having sex. Jeremy Smith said he was very surprised to see two people having sex. They threatened me when they saw me and I walked away. A man asked me to have sex. I rejected that offer.

“This action took place at sunset. Families with children use this forest road. It is illegal to have sex in public places. Also, these actions are very risky during the pandemic period.”

GMP said they would not comment on this incident, as they did not receive a complaint. Councilor Barry Brotherton said similar events have been going on in that area for years. He said that these actions will continue unless the police catch these people.

GMP said there were controls in that area 10 years ago and there were police in Sale Water Park. Coun Brotherton said that area should be illuminated to deter people.

He said: “what I understand is that the police can only take action for the offence of outraging public infidelity if, among other circumstances, there are at least two other people who may have been able to see the crime. To tell you the truth, it’s very difficult for the police to catch anyone in the act right now.”

Coun Brotherton acknowledged that since 2010 the police had been inadequate and there had been no intervention in these actions.

Mr. Smith said he would not be returning to Sale Water Park and these incidents have existed for years. Coun Mike Freeman, Trafford Council’s Public Safety Executive, said: “We have been informed by a resident of problems with sexual activity at this location and we take this seriously.”

He said: “Trafford council staff will work with Greater Manchester Police to take control of this area and take action against those who are causing trouble to those who legally visit the park.”



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