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Over 100 Guns Have Been Seized Across Greater Manchester 

A total of 120 firearms were recovered from the streets of Greater Manchester in the last year. Officers continue the investigations as a part of Lyra operation for organised crime groups.

Firearms include self-loaded pistols, shotguns and imitation firearms that are converted into viable weapons. Seven people have been arrested so far in the operation.

Detective Inspector Simon Akker, head of GMP’s Serious and Organised Crime Firearms Investigation Team, said: “While we can quantify the number of weapons we’ve recovered and the decrease in discharges, what we can’t count is the number of incidents that we have prevented as a result of the action we have taken – but I can confidently say we have stopped people getting shot.”

“The vast majority of incidents are targeted and are not a threat to the wider public, but that does not reduce the level of fear and anxiety they feel when acts of gun violence occur in their community and we have a duty to ensure that the public remains safe – each of these guns recovered is another potentially lethal incident stopped.”


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