Oldham drugs conspirators jailed for million pound cocaine and heroin plot

Two men involved in a million pound class A drugs ring in Oldham have been jailed for over 20 years after being rumbled by our detectives tackling organised crime across Greater Manchester.

Faizal Hussain (31) and Rezwan Javed (45) were sentenced to a combined total of 24 years today (Wednesday 20 April) at Manchester Crown Court for conspiracy to supply class A drugs, and conspiracy to conceal, convert, disguise, or transfer criminal property.

Our Serious and Organised Crime Group were able to topple the gang after their messages discussing wholesale amounts of cocaine and heroin on the encrypted network, EncroChat, were exposed following the take-down of the communications platform in June 2020.

The court heard how Hussain played a leading role in the organised crime group that was involved in the supply of multi-kilograms of class A drugs throughout the North West, as well as breaking down the batches of drugs into smaller amounts which were then sold on to distributors who would supply it to users.

Detectives painstakingly trawled through thousands of lines of chat in the window of March-July 2020 that clearly demonstrated the group’s prolific enterprise of collecting and regularly disseminating significant quantities of drugs from areas as far as Bradford and Birmingham.

Further evidence showed the conspiracy continued for a year after the rumbling of EncroChat as our officers covertly tracked members of the OCG as they tried to continue their illicit trade.

Four arrests were made as part of the operation in total with 20 kilos of cocaine and 10 kilos of heroin seen to be supplied in the EncroChat period and, in July 2021, 14.7 kilos of cocaine was recovered at an address in Bury and packaging from 67 kilos of cocaine.

Our investigation proved that the group were responsible for sourcing, storing and arranging the couriering of a total of 101 kilos of cocaine – with a value of over £2mill – and 14 kilos of heroin – with a value of between £160k and £350k – that was ultimately being sold on the streets of Oldham and into Leeds, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Hussain, of Cranbrook Street, Oldham, was accused of being involved in the organising of wholesale deals, logistics and management at the level of regional supply, as well as being directly involved in the collecting and delivering of the drugs, too.

He’s now been sentenced to serve 16 years in jail for his role in the conspiracy.

Javed, of Meadow Close, Burnley, was said not to have an EncroChat device himself but was estimated to be involved in transporting at least an estimated 9.6kilos of cocaine and 14.3kilos of heroin.

He was today ordered to eight year’s imprisonment.

Operation Venetic – the nationwide crackdown led by the National Crime Agency (NCA) into the criminal use of EncroChat – is the UK’s biggest ever law enforcement operation.

So far in Greater Manchester, over £2.5million in cash has been seized as well as nearly a dozen firearms, over 1100 rounds of ammunition, over 12 kilos of class A and 25 kilos of class B drugs, and over £300k of assets including luxury jewellery and vehicles.

Well over 200 people have now been detained by GMP since the launch of Operation Venetic by the NCA in July 2020, and more than 150 of those have subsequently been charged for a range of drug, firearms and money laundering offences.

Detective Constable Marc Walby, of our Serious and Organised Crime Group (SOCG), said: “This gang thought they were able to avoid detection by using these devices; however they have instead presented us with a treasure trove of evidence that has enabled us to take this criminal group and their illicit enterprise off our streets and away from society.

“The quantities of drugs we are talking about here are beyond substantial and the removal of these individuals will have a tangible difference on the streets of Oldham and beyond as copious amounts of class A drugs will not be orchestrated across towns and cities around the region and beyond.”

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