Oldham Council secures funding for work to improve bus journeys

The council has secured funding of £632,050 towards developing a Quality Bus Transit (QBT) corridor – which will make travel quicker and easier for passengers

The corridor will be an improved link between the borough, Rochdale and Ashton, delivering real benefits for residents by making sure they are better connected so they can access jobs, education, and training more easily.

The QBT is being developed by the council and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) using money from the government’s City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS).

The Government’s recently published ‘Growth Plan 2022’ mentions specific infrastructure projects, which can be delivered quickly and this includes a phased Rochdale-Oldham-Ashton Corridor.

It is the next step towards major investment across the whole corridor which will see bus stop, junction, public realm and access improvements along the route.

Councillor Amanda Chadderton, Leader of Oldham Council, said: “We want a better transport system which works for residents and tackles the climate emergency.

“Many people heavily rely on buses as their way of getting to work, going to school and visiting their family and friends.

“So new lower fares together with better bus routes means Oldhamers will be keeping more money in their pockets and they’ll be able to travel without using their cars. Making it easier to travel by bus will also help cut pollution and free up road space for essential journeys.

“Better transport links between neighbouring boroughs will benefit residents and in the long term this will help support the development of new homes, jobs, businesses whilst opening up the rest of Greater Manchester to our residents.

“This funding is welcome, but I would always like to see more coming into the borough so we can deliver an even better transport system for residents.”

The QBT is just one of a number schemes the council is looking to carry out across the borough to improve public transport and give residents better, greener travel options.

These include:

  • Oldham Mumps Corridor Improvements – this scheme focuses on delivering better, quicker and safer access for bus users and people walking and cycling along the corridor. These plans will support nearby developments, such as the regeneration of Southlink where up to 150 houses will be built.
  • Delivering more electric vehicle charging points across the borough with a focus on employment locations making it easier for people to go green.
  • Developing a new Metrolink stop between Derker and Shaw and Crompton at Cop Road, which could be used by those living and working at any new housing or business developments

On top of these projects the council knows the condition of the borough’s roads are important to people, so we’ll be carrying out ongoing maintenance, so they are in a good condition for all users for years to come.

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