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Not a fly stuck in the lecturer’s ear- it is a rare brain tumor

Micheal Walton, Manchester University lecturer from Southport, thought that he had a fly stuck in his ear, but eventually, he understood that it wasn’t a fly, it is a rare brain tumor.

Now, the lecturer has to cope with permanent lots of severe symptoms, and have to live with a ventilator 23 hours a day.

When he went to the doctor, he thought it was a fly stuck in his ear, but the test results are completely different than he thinks.

The buzzing sound was the first symptom for Micheal Walton, a psychology course lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, so he visited his GP.

Unfortunately, the news was given that he had a rare brain tumor.

Now, he can’t close his eyes, can’t use facial expressions, and has to live with a ventilator 23 hours a day.

According to the doctors, a rare tumor resulted from a 3cm hemangioblastoma on his brain stem, so the buzzing sound in his ears happens.

Walton has had medical operations six times, and his family dreaded that the last operation will not succeed.

The tumor has had too many devastating effects, including unable to close or move his mouth, eat or drink, stand or walk, and all these symptoms are permanent.

In addition to the tumor, he also has Bell’s Palsy, it is facial paralysis, and its results are an inability to control facial muscles. It means he can’t close his eyes anymore.

He was in the Intensive Care Unit at the Walton Centre in Merseyside for 506 days since Michael’s medical operations.


Stephanie Russell, Micheal’s sister, said: “One of Michael’s most challenging outcomes is the loss of function and strength in his entire body. He is unable to stand up or walk in any way.

“Alongside this, Michael was always left-handed, and unfortunately, his left side of his body was affected much worse, causing him to now need to use his right hand for the limited function he currently has.

“Michael can still wave, as seen in the picture. The future prospects of this improvement are very slim due to the weakness caused by the surgery and subsequent muscle loss from his time in intensive care.

His sister said that the possibility of Michael’s recovery is “very slim,” but he is “committed to maximally improving his quality of life as much as he can, although Michael’s rehabilitation causes him to become exhausted.”

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