Northern cities left behind in fight against Covid-19

The ratio of R announced for North West to be above 1% caused criticism of local administrators.

The R data disclosed has caused frustration among local leaders and officials and they have been the target of criticism.

During the pandemic, councils and mayors were voicing their reaction that they were not getting enough information from the government to protect public health.

They were explaining it in all the national media and local news sources. The data, released by the Center for Public Health on Friday, sparked reactions. The fact that R data is more than 1% has reignited this debate.

After that data was disclosed, Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram of Liverpool held a press conference on Sunday morning. Many reporters from the national media were invited to this press conference.

We have repeatedly warned the government and ministers about this and informed them about the seriousness of the situation but they have persistently refused to accept it.

Better plans are in place to reopen stores scheduled for June 15 and remove local lockdown. We have passed on many things that need to be scientifically reviewed to government officials. We presented these complaints in the form of a list. Steve Rotheram explained all the measures needed to be taken for Public Health in this regard and criticised the government.

He said they appealed the decisions taken, and if the government will make a lockdown decision in places like Liverpool and Manchester, they must share it with us before sharing it with the media.

Burnham accused the government of making faulty decisions, saying the policies made during the pandemic process were very wrong.

He said local authorities needed to make their own decisions, and he said he did not understand why this had offended the government. He said he was very surprised by the situation.

This frustration has been going on for weeks and the government is not taking any action on this. If they think the criticism stems solely from party politics, they are wrong. This week, with the lifting of the imposed lockdown, the country began a process of general normalization.

President Jeanelle de Gruchy, coincidentally director of Public Health at Tamesde Council, pointed to the series of recent national policy announcements affecting the UK, reflecting a degree of confidence that many, including ADPH members, feel is not supported by science. . He warned that the National Monitoring and monitoring system was not ready.

Of course, the concerns raised by the mayors were not just ‘R’ data released on Friday. The government’s ignoring criticism also draws a reaction. They do not find it right to manage the situation from a single center. They state that the decisions taken should be shared with local governments and the situation assessment should be done together. National government officials receive more complaints from local governments on this issue.

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