New tenants fly into 100 Embankment

Two new tenants on the lookout for a new home have flown to Salford’s prestigious city centre office development, 100 Embankment. Already moved in and settled into the space, they are occupying the planter on the upper roof terrace of the nine storey building. 

Salford City Council who own the development, in partnership with Ask Real Estate and Tristan Capital Partners and building managers Knight Frank have also confirmed the new tenants will not be charged for their indefinite lease term. 

The two new tenants are in fact a pair of mating Mallard ducks who have recently nested in the planter on the upper roof terrace of 100 Embankment. The pair have been spotted regularly in the last week and now staff have discovered a clutch of eggs nestled in the planter, waiting to hatch. 

The roof top terrace, which is more used to hosting launch events, social gatherings and meetings in the sunshine will now become a nursery for the soon to be hatched ducklings. But with stunning views of the city centre, a great location and stellar company with the likes of X+Why, Deloitte, AECOM and Ridge also tenants, it’s easy to see why the ducks have settled here for their home. 

The development was rated as the best performing office in Manchester and Salford in 2022 and is now fully let across all nine storeys of this popular development. So the ducks have been lucky to find space here and quickly made their claim to the rooftop planter. 

The team at 100 Embankment have now notified the RSPB and are working closely with representatives from the organisation to best understand how to support the new tenants and ensure that their eggs are safeguarded until they hatch.

I can also confirm that we will not be charging for their tenancy and no planning permission is required for their nest. They have clearly done their homework before choosing to come to 100 Embankment, they must have realised they’d be quackers to find a better office development anywhere else.”

Neil Jenkinson, Knight Frank Building Manager for 100 Embankment, said; “It’s been interesting to watch them come and go and now settle on the roof top terrace. The whole team here is now captivated and waiting with for them to hatch, then we can catch a glimpse of the new ducklings. We’ll do all we can to make their stay a comfortable one, we’ll even have to keep the noise down next time we have an event on our rooftop.” 

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