Mum Sheds Eight Stone in Honor of Friend’s ‘Superhero’ Daughter

A mother lost eight stone after receiving devastating news that deeply affected her. Jenny Toole, 31, from Radcliffe, managed to shed the pounds after her friend’s remarkable daughter battled with two types of cancer and was left wheelchair-bound and reliant on a feeding tube.

Jenny, who is a full-time carer for her six-year-old son Kristian, weighed 21 stone when she was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia just before Christmas last year.

However, upon learning that her friend’s daughter, Elizabeth Grundy from Wythenshawe, was one of only four children in the world to be diagnosed with both neuroblastoma and acute lymphoblastic (ALL) leukaemia, Jenny felt compelled to take action.

After adopting a healthier diet and enlisting the help of a personal trainer at the gym, Jenny has now shed eight stone and is training for the Bury 10k run to raise crucial funds for little Elizabeth. Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma just ten days after birth and has since endured numerous medical procedures, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and multiple operations. She has also battled through meningitis and sepsis, resulting in hearing loss in both ears.

In a further blow to Elizabeth’s mum Chelsea Carter, 38, and her four older siblings, Elizabeth was diagnosed with leukaemia in May 2022, leaving her wheelchair-bound and reliant on a feeding tube. Currently in the maintenance phase of her illness, Elizabeth’s family is hopeful that she will receive the all-clear at the end of this year. However, given the high chances of relapse for neuroblastoma and leukaemia, her family is raising funds to enable her participation in a medical trial, estimated to cost £127,000.

In April, I started running and joined a gym with a fantastic personal trainer, said Jenny. I decided to sign up for the Bury 10K to give myself more motivation and also to help Elizabeth, who is an incredible child. No one should have to endure everything she has, especially at such a young age. She’s the bravest child I’ve ever met.

I realized that I needed to lose weight once and for all, for myself and for my son. It had gradually piled on since my pregnancy, and while it fluctuated, I gained even more during the COVID-19 pandemic. I didn’t follow a specific diet plan but simply cut out many things, focused on a high protein diet, and closely monitored my calorie, carb, and fat intake.

Chelsea, Elizabeth’s mother, added, Initially, we believed we needed to raise £127,000 for treatment in America. However, there is now a possibility of a UK trial, although it is not definite, and even if it happens, there will still be associated costs.

Elizabeth has a lot to face, but she’s also a superhero who loves swimming, drawing, and being outdoors, and we want to give her the best chance possible.

Elizabeth’s family is receiving support from the children’s charity Tree of Hope, which assists families in fundraising for children like Elizabeth who have healthcare needs.

To donate to Elizabeth’s fund for the Bury 10K run on October 1, please visit [insert donation link].

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