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Measures are being taken for illegal party that is planned again this weekend

Metropolitan Mayor Andy Burnham asked Consul General Ian Hopkins at a press conference on Thursday afternoon to take measures for the illegal party, which is scheduled to be reorganised.

Greater Manchester Police are stepping up measures to prevent a new illegal party being organised this weekend and said they had taken better action than last week. He said organised criminals were planning to regroup in some places in Greater Manchester and necessary measures were taken to stop them by police, backed by Mayor Andy Burnham. Parents need to prevent their children from going here.

Chairman Burnham said they were insufficient to prevent the two illegal parties being held last weekend. GMP chiefs, who set up a central intelligence gathering unit, prepare for this weekend. 2,000 people gathered in a field at Transformer, Carrington, Brownfield, and 4,000 gathered in a field near Daisy Nook Country Park, Failsworth, where a 20-year-old man died of a high dose of drugs. 3 at these parties 3 people were stabbed and 1 woman raped. Cops describe Carrington incident as atrocity and video footage shows teens fighting with machetes.

Police foiled a third attack in Hattersley and sent horse-drawn police there to prevent the Daisy Nook incident a few hours earlier but they were unable to find the people who organised the party. When 4,000 people gathered that night, they believed it would be difficult to stop them.

Police say a £ 10 entry fee was charged from people attending the party and there was an illegal drug trade. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon that he had asked Consul-General Ian Hopkins to draw up an action plan to prevent illegal parties being held thereafter. Saturday, Saturday, including the Black Lives Matter protest and the counter-protest in Bolton, acknowledged it had been an extremely challenging day, with a 50 per cent increase in 999 calls compared to the previous Saturday.

There was not enough intelligence about the Carrington party, which police only found out late on Saturday, and later decided not to stop because of the small number of people there and the area. But Daisy Nook said it could be difficult for police to gather intelligence, saying this operation could be better done, and that this incident was an experience for them.  Deputy Chief Executive Nick Bailey admitted coordinated and joint work was necessary and said much more cautious intervention would be needed at parties scheduled for this weekend.

Police will close some roads this weekend

Greater Manchester Police will close several roads in the north of Manchester this weekend to intervene in illegal parties. Police said they had received intelligence that illegal groups were planning to organize more in some places in the city. At a party attended by nearly 4,000 people in a field near Daisy Nook Country Park in Failsworth on Saturday night, a 20-year-old man died of a drug overdose. 2,000 people gathered in the area in Trafford, Carrington, and 3 people were stabbed. A woman was raped.

GMP Moston and Harpurhey posted a Tweet on Thursday evening saying they had information that an outdoor party planned in the area would be held. They wrote on Twitter: “We are aware of the illegal party planned to be organised – it was not allowed and is therefore illegal.

In this period of fighting COVID-19, it is alarming that people are still considering participating in this event. Saturday June Sunday June 20, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council agreed to temporary road closures from 12pm until 02.00 am on Sunday June 21.

Roads planned to be closed over the weekend are as follows:

  • Collyhurst Road/ Queens Road junction
  • Dantzic Street/ Collyhurst Road junction
  • Dantzic Street/ Dalton Street junction
  • Collyhurst Road/ Smedley Road junction
  • Eggington Street/ Rochdale Road junction
  • Hammerton Road/ Rochdale Road junction
  • Dalton Street/ Rochdale Road junction

Police said residents could use the roads by posting addresses. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham told a press conference today that more measures could be taken by GMP to stop the parties being held last weekend. GMP bosses say they have set up a central intelligence gathering unit in response and will take further police action this weekend to resolve any issues.

Assistant General Manager Nick Bailey said that the police will be sent to risky areas and the operation will be done by experienced police officers. He said that it was difficult to stop illegal parties exactly, but firstly efforts were made to prevent it from being organized.

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