Malicious Communication Sent to Schools and Hospitals in Bury: Investigation Underway

Yesterday, the police in Bury confirmed that a malicious communication had been sent to multiple schools and hospitals. The report was deemed concerning and an immediate investigation was launched. The communication was sent to various establishments in the borough, but no specific details have been disclosed at this time. The Greater Manchester Police stated that there is no believed risk to the public and assured the community that no credible evidence of a threat was found. They are treating the report as a hoax.

This incident occurred following a threatening email that led to lockdowns at several schools in Greater Manchester on Tuesday. Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester Grammar, and Withington Girls School were among the recipients of an email that made threats to students and staff. On Tuesday afternoon, riot vans, police officers, and security personnel were stationed outside these three schools as the students were required to stay inside. GMP confirmed that no arrests have been made so far, but revealed that six schools in the area had been targeted. Similar emails were also received by schools in Liverpool and Cheshire, resulting in comparable lockdowns.

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