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Leading thinkers debate rights and wrongs of animal research

Some of the leading thinkers on different sides of  the debate around animal research are to take on the issue in front of University of Manchester staff and students in a live event at the Whitworth Hall on 28 November, between 7pm and 9pm.


The audience at the event, called Culture of care or culture of concern: let’s debate animal research, will put questions to a panel.


On the panel is Wendy Jarrett CEO of Understanding Animal Research (UAR), Penny Hawkins Head of the Animals in Science Department, RSPCA Science and Policy Group and  Celean Camp from CEO of the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME).


The event will kick off with the signing of a public pledge to a culture of care at The University of Manchester’s animal research unit by Dr Maria Kamper, Director of the unit.


Register here if you would like to take part and send a question you’d like the panel to debate to [email protected] .


The panel will be by chaired by Mike Addelman, communications lead for animal research at The University of Manchester.


He said: “For centuries, scientists have worked with animals to help answer some of the most important questions in biomedical science.


“But nowadays, more than 100 million animals are used in research across the world every year.


“And though the UK sector is the most tightly regulated in the world, some of those animals still experience pain, suffering and distress.


He added: “So what’s the future for animal research? Are we able to replace it with more humane alternatives? And how important is a culture of care, not just to the animals themselves, but also the people who work with them?


”Join us to consider the issues.”

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