Improvements to Oldham’s memorial spaces ahead of Remembrance

Work is underway across Oldham to improve war memorials ahead of Remembrance events next month.

Among the work will be the addition of 42 names that were missing from the memorial in Royton Park, a new flagpole in Royton and heritage work to the Pots & Pans memorial.

All memorial spaces will also see a general clean-up with litter removed, graffiti addressed and flower beds tidied. While these types of grounds maintenance regularly take place as part of a routine programme of work, special attention is given to the cenotaphs, monuments and spaces at this time in preparation for residents paying their respects.

The Royton War Memorial

It was discovered that 32 WWI and 10 WWII soldiers from Royton weren’t remembered on the Royton Park War Memorial, following some fantastic research by the Royton branch of the Royal British Legion. The names of these heroes are being added to the granite monument which has been funded by the Leader’s budget. A new flagpole is also being erected within the flower beds.

Cllr Amanda Chadderton, Leader of Oldham Council, said: “Oldham has a proud history of acknowledging and celebrating our brave men and women, and I’m pleased to have been able to fund the work which will see more of our heroes remembered.

“In addition to the names being etched onto the granite monument, new wires have been installed that will allow memorial wreaths to be safely secured. There will also be a new flagpole erected.”

The addition of the 42 names is scheduled take place prior to Remembrance Sunday on 14 November, weather permitting.

Saddleworth ‘Pots & Pans’ War Memorial.

The Pots & Pans memorial in Saddleworth is undergoing a tidy and ongoing treatment to dull the graffiti in line with approved conservation techniques running up to Remembrance Sunday.

Work to repair the pointing, surrounding stonework and re-attach the bronze plaques is also being programmed, following advice from heritage specialists. Weather permitting, this work should be completed in time for the 100-year anniversary in 2023.

Details of the Remembrance Sunday Services, held in in conjunction with branches of the Royal British Legion, are:

OLDHAM War Memorial, opposite Old Town Hall commencing at 10.50am.  All Ex-Service and Civilian Organisations will assemble at New Radcliffe Street at 10.20am and proceed to the War Memorial at 10.30am. All wreath parties are invited to accompany the Mayor from Lyceum Building.  Crosses may be placed in the field of remembrance adjoining the War Memorial.
CHADDERTON War Memorial in the Chadderton Town Hall Gardens, Middleton Road, commencing at 10.55am.  A procession will assemble at the Chadderton Reform Club, Middleton Road, Chadderton at 10.00am and proceed to the War Memorial at 10.30am.
CROMPTON War Memorial commencing at 10.55am.  A procession will assemble at the Royal British Legion Club, Newtown Street, Shaw, at 10.30am proceeding to the War Memorial at 10.40am.
FAILSWORTH War Memorial, Oldham Road, commencing at 10.55am.  The parade will assemble at the Failsworth Health Centre at 10.10am proceeding to the War Memorial at 10.30am prompt.
LEES War Memorial commencing at 10.30am.  A procession will assemble in Thomas Street at 10.10am prior to proceeding to the War Memorial.
ROYTON Royton Park commencing at 10.55am.  Uniformed services to assemble at rear of Boyes Store, on the car park off Radcliffe Street at 10.40am prompt. March off at 10.50am to the Memorial at Royton Park.  March past Royton Town Hall afterwards.
SADDLEWORTH St Chad’s Memorial, Uppermill, on Monday 7 November 2022, commencing at 7.15pm and at the Pots and Pans Memorial on Sunday 13 November 2022 at 10.50am.

Representatives of all organisations, uniformed services and the public are cordially invited to attend any of the above services and an opportunity will be given to those who desire to place wreaths on the Memorials.

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