Illegal cigarettes and tobacco Found in Salford

The value of Illegal cigarettes and tobacco is £45,967

Illegal cigarettes and tobacco were found in Salford and the amount of these items is equal to £45,000.

Last three weeks, Police and Salford council staff had searched businesses, including a private address, across Greater Manchester within the previous three weeks.

Several police dogs had been used to find illegal items; some of them were counterfeit.

Almost 68,000 counterfeit cigarettes and 153 pouches of hand-rolling tobacco were found at the private home in police searching, and these illegal items had been hidden in holdalls and boxes.

(Image: Salford Council)

According to police, it is the most significant amount of illegal tobacco and cigarettes that recorded in Salford, and the value of these items is approximately £40,000.

Police officers had a raid on another shop; police found hundreds of counterfeit cigarette packets that had been hidden in a secret part of a shelf with lots of drinks. Ricco, Brich, Billy, and Lilly, sniff dogs from the firm Wagtail UK, helped police operation.

David Lancaster talked about the illegal trade and said: “There are no bargains to be had when it comes to illegal tobacco,” he said.

“This trade is linked to organized crime gangs who also deal in human trafficking, loan sharking, and the drug trade.

“Illegal tobacco is also robbing the public purse of much-needed revenue for vital services including the NHS, and these products are often targeted at young people getting them hooked on smoking and damaging their health.” and he added.

(Image: Salford Council)

Now, the number of total shops with one property that had been visited is 25.

In total, 256 hand-rolling tobacco, 4.567 packets containing 91,340 cigarettes, had been found, and the value was £45,967; police seized all of them.

Police also seized approximately £5,000.

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