Highest level precautions, from disinfectant rooms to new applications

Customers will different experience with the highest level precautions.

Restaurants have been temporarily closed since March because of the virus, and they are waiting for when to reopen. They will be able to open on July 4, but it’s not clear yet.
But one thing is certain. When customers want to dine out, they are going to a very different experience.

The restaurant, Chester Street curry house and grill Zouk, will ask customers to pass through a decontamination chamber.

There will be Entex contraption at the door. It is a bactericide, and it is good to kill viruses on skin and clothing.

Tayub Amjad, CEO of Zouk, explained the disinfector in that way:

Temperature control device will be used on all customers and staff.
There will be used some precaution to reduce face-to-face interaction between waiter and customers, so the risk of COVID-19 trying to be reduced.

“Obviously we’ll have somebody dedicated to cleaning the areas people will touch the most, and we’ll have some hand sanitiser stations around the restaurant,” he said.

“Something I don’t like, but we are going to offer to staff is face masks and shields. It will be up to them – so far, people are happier with the protection because they can’t talk appropriately through masks.

“We’re also looking at using an app so you can order at your table and the waiter time at the table is dramatically reduced.”

You can order whatever you eat or drink at the click of a button by the app.

Customers will also be able to use the app to know the toilets are vacant or not. If the bathroom is empty, staff will clean it up, and make prepared before the next guest uses it. Therefore, there will never be a queue for the toilet.

2m distancing rule can be reduced by pronouncement,

The Government has not issued a formal announcement to reopening, and restaurants, such as Tayub, who have been stuck in a problematic situation to no income, and they can not wait much longer because of economic issues.

But the customers want to order traditionally, and they can also order by ” specially coated anti-bacterial menus.”

The restaurants are looking forward to their customers and waiting excitedly for reopen.

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