Heaton Lane Bus Gate to be decommissioned while works take place on Astley Street

As progress continues at pace on Stockport’s new Interchange development, works on the site will mean a change to a bus gate nearby.

Heaton Lane Bus Gate was created in February 2022 following the opening of the temporary bus station.

As a result, town centre traffic was signposted to the new, four-lane Travis Brow to A6 link road for those motorists wanting to get to junction 1 of the M60.

Businesses on Heaton Lane were still able to access their premises, but to avoid the bus gate, they were directed down Astley Street, over the new bridge, close to the site of the new Interchange.

With work now nearing completion on the Interchange – and due to open in Spring 2024 – to enable the final works to be completed, Astley Street will be closed to all traffic from Monday, October 2.

This closure of Astley Street will mean that Heaton Lane Bus Gate will be decommissioned for a period of three months, starting on October 2.

Existing signs will be covered up, and new signs erected, but motorists will still be asked to use the Travis Brow Link Road to access the M60 at junction 1.

The bus gate cameras on Heaton Lane will be switched back on once work on Astley Street has been completed.

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