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Foster carer celebrates 40 years dedication to fostering

Stockport Council is proud to announce the fantastic achievement of one of their foster carers who has been fostering for 40 years.

Janice Hatton has been a foster carer for Stockport for 40 years and despite the loss of her husband John 8 years ago, Janice remained committed to her role as a foster carer only retiring just a few short weeks ago.

After having two children of her own, Janice and John began fostering to enable other children to experience a happy family life. Working in a Children’s Hospital and caring for children who had been there for several years gave Janice plenty of experience and their first placement was a girl who had severe disabilities.

To date, Janice has successfully fostered more than 30 children, including brothers and sisters, babies, and children with a range of disabilities.

During the Covid lockdown Janice was cut off from much of her support networks however she continued to provide the excellent care for the little girl she was fostering at the time ensuring all her needs were met. Janice cared for her until she sadly passed away earlier this year at the age of 8.

So inspirational has Janice been, that her own daughter Nicola followed in her footsteps and fostered for Stockport for over 13 years.

Janice was awarded her 40 years long service award by the Mayor of Stockport and Councillor Wendy Meikle, Cabinet Member for Children at the celebration event held on Friday 7 October along with 19 other foster families who have been fostering with Stockport Council from 10 years up to 35 years.

Councillor Wendy Meikle, Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Education, commented:

“We are delighted and so proud of Janice for her dedication and devotion to fostering over the last 40 years. Janice has shown extraordinary commitment to the fostering task and all the children she has cared for over the years. She has a warmth and kindness and puts the needs of the child above her own. She is an inspiration for us all and we are proud to award her with the prestigious award. We are also extremely proud of our other foster carers and in Stockport we have several foster families who have been fostering for over 30 years and 35 years respectively, who work tirelessly to inspire and devote their life to fostering helping our local children and young people to achieve in life”

If Janice’s story has inspired you, and you or any of your family or friends would like to find out about the difference fostering could make to your life and to that of the many children from Stockport who need foster carers, we have regular information sessions where you can meet local foster carers and find out more about what is involved in fostering with Stockport Council.

Our next event is taking place on Wednesday 23 November at Stockport Quaker House, Cooper Street, Stockport, SK1 3DW and we will be there to meet with you between 5.30 and 7pm.

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