Embracing Excellence: Two Merseyside Councils Unite as STARS

In a resolute decision to foster efficiency and excellence, two Merseyside Councils have chosen to join forces with Tameside, Rochdale, Stockport, and Trafford Councils, becoming esteemed partners in the esteemed public sector shared procurement service, STAR Procurement.

The union of St Helens and Knowsley Councils marks a significant milestone in the STAR journey, wherein this collaborative approach has already saved nearly £50 million of taxpayer funds since its establishment in 2014. A remarkable achievement indeed, as it streamlines the process of procuring a diverse range of supplies and services for the participating Councils.

Beyond the financial realm, STAR Procurement has demonstrated its commitment to driving broader societal progress. By integrating the principles of Social Value into the procurement process, they have secured benefits valued at over £230 million in recent years, making a substantial positive impact on social, economic, and environmental fronts.

The allure of STAR lies in its array of key benefits offered to all partner Councils:

  • Economies of scale and increased savings, as collaborative efforts lead to enhanced efficiency in procurement practices.
  • A high-performing procurement service that consistently delivers results, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • Strategic leadership and unwavering support, providing invaluable guidance and expertise to the partnering Councils.
  • A firm commitment to drive social value and encourage local spending, making a meaningful difference in the communities they serve.
  • A people-focused approach, encompassing the “Grow Your Own” policy, dedicated training, and significant investments in staff, ultimately fostering better recruitment and retention of skilled professionals.

As St Helens and Knowsley Councils embark on this remarkable journey as part of the STAR constellation, the stage is set for a synergistic alliance that will undoubtedly yield even greater prosperity for all involved. Together, they stand poised to achieve new heights of excellence, setting a shining example for the public sector and beyond.

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