Both men have caused a total of nearly 300 offenses

Bland's first offense was that he stole a man's bike, and he has continued.

A drug addict has been involved in a lot of crimes, from armed robberies to terrorizing a neighborhood.

Cameron Bland, 28-year-old, has caused trauma to his victims. The man has a total of 111 previous crimes.

Another offender is David Stewart, 42-year-old. The man has a total of 169 previous crimes, including robberies.

The two men, who have been put in the prison and declared ‘dangerous’ criminals, committed armed robberies together in different three locations in just one day; Tesco, Co-op, and Scoots.

Last year in October and November, Cameron Bland terrorized in Oldham. He attacked one taxi driver, shoplifted, and threatened neighborhood residents to burn their property.

Bernadette Baxter, the judge, told Bland: “I have no doubt that your spree would have continued beyond that date, had you not been stopped by the police.”

According to his lawyer, Bland was a ‘little red boy with glasses’ who was bullied at school, and it had a ‘profound’ effect on him.

Bland’s first offense was that he stole a man’s bike, and he has continued.

Both men have to spend two-thirds of their prison sentences in jail, and then the Parole Board will decide whether the two men are safe for community safety.

Bland hasn’t any fixed address. He pleaded guilty to all charges; six-time of theft, one-time burglary attempt, three times of possessing a blade, and four times of robberies.

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