Best Bar None scheme arrives in Bury

On Tuesday 10 May, GMP launched the Best Bar None scheme in Bury after its success in other Greater Manchester towns.

At The Earl of Derby on Silver Street in Bury, GMP’s Chief Superintendent Chris Hill hosted the event along with Bury Council and welcomed guest speakers from Best Bar None and a licensee from Bolton who highlighted the benefits of Best Bar None to other licensees.

Best Bar None is a Home Office backed initiative that sees the police, local authorities and bar and club owners work together to reduce alcohol-related harm. Initially launched in Manchester in 2003, over 70 schemes now operate across the UK, focussing on improving professionalism and standards of training, as well as creating new ways to maximise safety and welfare.

The scheme is a partnership initiative, bringing together licensees, the police and local authorities to make a real difference and commitment to making it safer for people out in Bury.

Best Bar None is a hugely positive scheme, providing a framework for premises to improve and in turn creating a safer and more enjoyable place for visitors and staff of Bury. This event starts the process and provides a timeline for the next 12 months. Premises across Bury will sign up to the process and will start to prepare for their assessment which will be conducted by an independent Best Bar None approved assessor.

GMP’s Chief Superintendent Chris Hill, said: “I am extremely proud of the work being done by a number of licensed premises in Bury to make our night time economy safer and more enjoyable for all.

“The Bury scheme has been introduced following successful scheme in Bolton.

The Bolton scheme has seen some real success since its initial launch in 2017. They have worked tirelessly to improve our night time economy and it was this work that assisted in reducing violence within licensed premises by 33% during the scheme’s first year. We are hoping to see the same level of success here in Bury.”

A Bury Council spokesperson said: “Bury Council is incredibly proud of our Purple-Flag accredited town centre offer, which assures residents of the highest standards of safety on a night out. The Best Bar None initiative is a great way to keep up these standards and encourage more people to visit Bury pubs and clubs, through the co-operation of our licensees and great partnership with GMP. We encourage businesses to get involved and showcase the high standards of our venues within one of the best town centres in Greater Manchester”

The Lord Smith of Hindhead, Philip Smith, who is the National Best Bar None Chairman, commented that: “I am delighted to see Best Bar None being introduced in Bury, especially after the scheme has achieved great success in other towns within Greater Manchester. I look forward to hearing of the positive impacts that the scheme in Bury delivers for the town, its licensees, customers and partners.”

We are also looking to launch BBN scheme in other areas of Greater Manchester in the near future.

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