Assisting Vulnerable Residents: Easing Council Tax and Household Bill Burdens

Stockport Council's Cost of Living Hub stands as a valuable resource, aiding residents in navigating the challenges of current cost-of-living pressures.

This comprehensive hub brings together all available support services to provide a one-stop solution.

To further aid residents, the council has established a dedicated Resident Advice and Support scheme, offering guidance and assistance over the phone. Residents are encouraged to reach out if they have concerns about financial pressures. The support services encompass various areas, including access to food, assistance for those at risk of losing their homes, and help for individuals struggling to meet their council tax obligations.

Accessible through the Stockport Council website, the cost-of-living hub serves as a vital source of support. Additionally, residents can connect with the Resident Advice and Support scheme by calling 0161 474 2140.

Recognizing the significance of every penny, the council endeavours to maximize its income to fund essential services, particularly for those in vulnerable situations. In the fiscal year 2022/23, Stockport Council achieved the highest in-year Council Tax collection rate in Greater Manchester, successfully collecting 97.47% of the billed Council Tax income. A higher collection rate directly translates to more resources available for delivering essential services and supporting residents during increasingly challenging financial times.

The council’s Local Council Tax Support scheme exemplifies one such supportive service. It offers assistance to individuals with lower incomes, helping them cover their Council Tax and alleviating the pressure of falling into debt. Every effort is made to ensure that vulnerable residents are adequately supported, safeguarding their financial well-being and quality of life.

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