A man who violently raped and assaulted a vulnerable woman in her own home has been jailed

Today (23 March) at Minshull Street Crown Court, Brian Brough (10/06/86) of no fixed abode has been jailed for 22 years after being found guilty of vaginal rape, oral rape, attempted anal rape, burglary with violence and section 18 assault.

The court heard how at around 9pm on 19 March 2021, Brough attended an address in the Little Hulton area and knocked on the door of a vulnerable 60-year-old woman and asked to use the toilet, claiming to be the relative of a neighbour. After she agreed, he entered the property and took his coat off, hanging it in the hallway before using her toilet.

After this he entered her living room and sat on the sofa with her and told her he was an escort and asked whether or not she wanted to pay for sex with him.

She declined before Brough exposed his penis to her and then forced her to perform oral sex on him. The woman attempted to fight him off before he hit her in the face and then dragged her to the bedroom by her hair. The more she attempted to push him off the harder he would grab her.

Whilst in the bedroom Brough raped and assaulted the woman, causing her to lose consciousness multiple times.

The next morning when the victim regained consciousness, she was unable to call for help due to her phone being missing, and she was unable to find her glasses. It was only when her dog escaped and a neighbour returned it and saw the extent of her injuries that the alarm was raised, and police were called.

Following this she was conveyed to hospital where she was treated for multiple injuries across her body, including fractures to her upper and lower jaw, facial lacerations and missing teeth.

Brough was later arrested on 25 March 2021 and subsequently charged.

Detective Constable Leanne Jackson of GMP’s Salford district, said: “This was a horrific and sustained physical and sexual assault on a vulnerable woman and no one should ever be made to feel unsafe or at risk in their own home.

“Throughout interview and the trial Brough would not accept any responsibility for his sadistic and vile actions, forcing his victim to go through the horrendous ordeal in court. He did not even have the decency to attend his trial and face up to his actions and instead refused to come out of his prison cell with the trial having to be heard in his absence. His lack of remorse perfectly sums up who he is as a human being and thankfully we’ve now been able to remove him from the streets for 22 years and stop him causing any further harm to anymore women.

“I want to thank the woman’s neighbours who quickly alerted police and got her to hospital for the urgent medical treatment she needed. I also want to commend her bravery and strength throughout the investigation and trial as her determination to see this through has ensured we were able to secure a significant conviction today.

“Cases such as this can be distressing for not only those involved but the wider community and I would urge anyone who may have been the victim of sexual assault – or knows someone who has been a victim – to get in touch with police. All reports will be treated seriously and with the sensitivity they deserve and we will ensure you are provided with all available support.”

Greater Manchester Victims’ Services provide emotional and practical support to anyone affected by crime and are a confidential service. The service can be contacted by visiting the website on or calling 0161 200 1950.

Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.

If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police, or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.

– Saint Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Manchester provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated response to men, women and children who live or have been sexually assaulted within Greater Manchester. They offer forensic medical examinations, practical and emotional support as well as a counselling service for all ages. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and can be accessed by calling 0161 276 6515.

– Greater Manchester Rape Crisis is a confidential information, support and counselling service run by women for women over 18 who have been raped or sexually abused at any time in their lives. Call on 0161 273 4500 or email [email protected]

– Survivors Manchester provides specialist trauma informed support to boys and men in Greater Manchester who have experienced sexual abuse, rape or sexual exploitation. Call 0161 236 2182.

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