A Guide to Taking Care Of Poorly Babies and Infants with Common Ailments

Get help when you need it if you have a poorly baby or infant with NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) new easy to follow online guide. Find lots of useful information, at your fingertips, to help manage common minor ailments at home, help prevent minor problems becoming serious and help to avoid a trip to the Emergency Department.

Taking Care Of Poorly Babies and Infants is the latest in a series of self-care online resources available on the Stockport CCG website. It gives parents and carers information and advice to manage many of these conditions from the comfort of their own home.

This easy to follow, online guide contains information about the symptoms of common illnesses, how to treat them and what supplies to have in the cupboard so that you can act quickly when your little one becomes poorly.

Just go online, search Stockport CCG and click the Staying Well button. You’ll find quick tips and remedies about a range of conditions and illnesses including coughs, colds, cradle cap, ear infection, head lice, infant colic and nappy rash.

Your local pharmacy can also help with minor health conditions. As qualified healthcare professionals, pharmacists can offer free advice and give you the right over-the-counter medicines to help your child.

Dr Cath Munro, Chair of NHS Stockport CCG, said: “Babies and infants typically suffer with lots of minor conditions as they develop and build their immunity. Many of them can be dealt with quickly and safely from home.

“The Staying Well area of the CCG website is a great place to get advice quickly and easily when it’s needed with lots of great information to help parents, carers and guardians when their little ones become ill.”

Councillor Jude Wells, Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Care and Health, added: “While no-one ever wants their babies to be ill, they can suffer from all sorts of minor ailments in the early stages, many of which can be easily treated at home.

“This guide will give you all the information you need to manage all sorts of minor ailments so that the first few months and years with your little ones go as smoothly as possible.”

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