A car salesman from Bolton died after suffering a heart attack

The car salesman from Bolton, 38-year-old, died, then his partner found him.

A car salesman has died from a heart attack, and then his partner found the body of the man in Bolton.

According to police coroner’s officer Neil McCaffrey, Jordan Holden, 38-year-old, started to suffer from some health problems, including ‘being able to catch his breath.’

The day of the event, Mr Holden went for a shower, then his partner shouted to him, but he couldn’t receive an answer. Mr Holden’s partner decided to check on him and went to the bathroom. He found him “submerged in the bath unconscious”.

He gave him CPR, but according to paramedics, Mr Holden dead at 9. 25 pm.

According to Timothy Brennand, senior coroner from Manchester West, Mr Holden’s cause of death has been defined as: ‘acute myocardial infarction.’ It is the medical term for a heart attack.

In addition, the underlying cause of death was a “thrombosed coronary artery” and “coronary artery atherosclerosis”.

Besides, Mr Brennand advocated that ‘combined ketamine, cocaine and sildenafil use’ caused to Mr Holden’s death.

Police opened an investigation, but they believe that there were not any suspicious circumstances. Besides, there wasn’t any third party involvement in the event.

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