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51% of children in Manchester’s most deprived area are living in poverty

32% of children in Manchester live in poverty, while Cheetham ward contains the highest child poverty rates in the borough with over half of all children living below the breadline.

Data published today by Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) reveals that the cost of living crisis risks compounding already high levels of poverty across Manchester.

  • 32% of children in Manchester are living below the poverty line
  • The ward with the highest child poverty rate is Cheetham where over half (51%) of all children are living in poverty
  • 19% of households in Manchester are experiencing fuel poverty
  • 11% of people in the borough are struggling with food insecurity
  • Across Greater Manchester as a whole, 25% of children are living in poverty.

As the UK’s cost of living crisis deepens, more and more people – including children – are finding it difficult to make ends meet. GMPA’s 2022 Poverty Monitor has discovered that the average child poverty rate across Greater Manchester is 25%, while Manchester is 7% higher at 32%. The statistic that over half of all children in Cheetham ward are living in poverty is shocking.

As energy costs soar, families across Greater Manchester are having to choose between heating their homes and eating. GMPA’s Poverty Monitor shows that 19% of households in Manchester are in fuel poverty and 11% are struggling with food insecurity – figures that are expected to increase in October when energy prices rise again.

The increasing costs of living, benefits not keeping up with inflation and the removal of the £20 universal credit uplift has forced more people in Manchester into poverty and into ‘in-work poverty’ – whereby many families are turning to foodbanks despite being in paid work.

Graham Whitham, CEO of Greater Manchester Poverty Action, said:

“GMPA’s Poverty Monitor highlights a shockingly high number of children in Manchester that are living in poverty.

At GMPA we work to prevent and reduce poverty by campaigning for a real living wage, advising local authorities and the combined authority on anti-poverty strategies, and offering practical help to people through our money advice referral tool.  Our vision is of a Greater Manchester free from poverty, and while we do all we can locally we are seeing more and more people, and children struggling.”

Our data shows we have a growing Greater Manchester and nationwide poverty emergency. We urgently need a national anti-poverty strategy to help people in poverty.”

Joanna Midgley, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council said:

“The high rate of child poverty in Cheetham ward is alarming. Manchester Council works hard to provide support and advice to residents on low incomes. We are currently updating and refreshing our poverty strategy and implementing our ‘Build Back Fairer’ action plan so that we can create the best outcomes for our residents and create a fairer more inclusive city. However, the main drivers lie with central government, and I want to see government put in place a national poverty strategy and take urgent action on the cost-of-living crisis to help people across Manchester who have been hit so hard by this.”


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